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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hi! We are conscious of the importance to you of knowing how and why we use your personal information and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. Therefore, we care seriously about protecting your personal and private information. In this privacy statement page, you will see a detailed explanation regarding how we can use your information and in which cases. If

you have any questions please contact our CEO by email: we will be so happy to attennding you.

Users information

We are so committed to keeping your information safe. All data we receive from you will never be sold or given to anyone else. The only way we can use your information is to provide you an effective service, fastest delivery, and also improve communications process.

It is important for us to share with you specifically the data we ask to complete the purchase successfully. It just consists of infilling your full name, email, phone number, address to delivery, and credit card information boards.


We take our graphic and digital content creation so seriously because you as an enterprise or as a person create and customize buckles, jewelry, and western accessories with your ideas. For that reason, we understand exclusivity its important to you, so we keep our copyrights on that.

We request our clients to respect the Copyright of other people or companies. For that reason, we do not manufacture products legally protected by another entity and without any license to do so. We will always be happy to help you design creative figures.


The Most Wanted Custom Silver© is a secured website. Also we are highly committed to fulfilling the obligation of keeping your information secure. At the same time, we use the most advanced systems and constantly update them to ensure the best customer experience saving your sensible data.


We care about providing you the best digital experience as possible. Our website uses cookies to be able to identify the pages that are visited and their frequency. This information is used just for statistical analysis, and then the information gets permanently deleted. You can delete cookies at any time from your computer.

However, cookies help to provide a better service on the websites, and you can accept or deny the use of cookies. Most browsers automatically accept it as it serves to have a better web service and purchase experience. You can also change your computer settings to decline cookies. If that is the case, you may not be able to use some of our services.